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Every organization handles the application process a little differently. Our online application was designed for simplicity, but you may still have questions. If so, check the list below for answers to the questions we get most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job?

The first step is to complete and submit the online application for a posted position on this website. Regardless of position, every applicant must complete an online application.

How do I submit a resume?

You can attach your resume electronically when filling out the online application for an open job posted on this site. Resumes sent separately will not be considered.

I do not have a resume. Can I still apply?

Yes, you will be presented with open fields to enter your education and work history.

There are no jobs currently posted that match my interests. Should I submit my resume to Progress Rail anyway?

No. We only accept resumes as attachments to applications for open jobs posted on this site. Unsolicited resumes will not be reviewed, but you can register to receive future notifications of openings of interest to you as they become available.

If a job is posted at this web site, does this mean it is still open?

If a job is posted it means we are still accepting applications for the position, though some applicants may already be moving through the interview/employment process.

How often do you update your job postings?

New postings are updated continuously. As soon as a position is posted, it will be displayed on the site.

Will I receive a call/be contacted after I have submitted an application?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will only contact the applicants who advance in the hiring process.

Do I need to apply for each position separately?

Yes, for tracking purposes you must apply for each position separately.  However, once you set up your profile in the system some of your information will auto-populate into each application.

Do I have to apply for each location/city, state separately?

Yes, you must apply for each location or facility separately.

What if I have questions about the job?

If you are selected to advance in the hiring process, you can ask the manager or talent acquisition team member who contacts you.

How long does your hiring process normally take?

The time it takes from submitting your on-line application to receiving a job offer can vary from several days to a few weeks. The time required to review/evaluate/clarify the application, the time to schedule and conduct the interview(s), the time to compare/contrast the candidates for best fit and the time to develop/approve the job offer varies from location to location and from position to position.

Do I need to take a drug test or physical?

Yes. Our post-offer hiring process includes a drug screen, criminal background check, a review of your medical history by our medical department and, for certain job categories, a physical medical exam.

Do you offer paid internships?

Availability of internships varies based upon overall business and economic conditions, strategic considerations, and access to the talent we will need to sustain and grow our business in the future. To qualify, you must attend a four-year accredited college/university, be pursuing a required degree program, have at least a “B” average, and have completed your freshman year.

Will my internship generate a possible offer of employment once I graduate from college?

We see the internship experience as an evaluation process; the interns get to decide if the work we do appeals to them and if the organization and its culture feel like a good fit. The company also evaluates the skill and effort of the intern as well as how well the intern works with the team and fits the organizational culture. If there is a match and an opportunity, full-time offers are often presented upon graduation. Even in those instances where an intern decides the company is not for them or if there is not an opportunity available within the company upon graduation, the intern will have received a valuable career experience. We see our program as benefiting both the student and the company.